The Osteria is located at the entrance of the estate, in the so called “Cittadella del Vino Condé”. Here you can have lunch in a familiar and tended atmosphere, enhanced by a large window overlooking the hills of Predappio.

The cuisine of the Osteria supports and praises the Sangiovese wine, which is the main actor, and rediscovers the authentic flavours of the local Romagnolian tradition. At the Osteria we will try to show you and make you appreciate the culinary history of our region, without any special avant-gardist raid: the pasta is handmade by our “sfogline” (women who prepare traditional Italian pasta), following ancient recipes; meats, cheeses, vegetables and fruits all have high quality and are strictly selected within the local territory; sweets are both beautiful to see and tasty to eat.

The chefs in the Osteria take great care about the freshness of the ingredients and elaborate traditional dishes and tasting menus that reflect the natural course of the seasons: each month has his typical, seasonal ingredients, and our chefs can choose and glorify them.

Download menu (pdf 170kb)