Cooking like a real “azdora”

We take a cue from the phrase of the great French Chef and apply it to our regional reality, made up of simple and genuine products, those that in Romagna were in the pantries of all homes. With those few things, in no time at all, something was prepared to offer, together with a glass of Sangiovese, to the friend who suddenly showed up at our door. This is the story of piadina and then of tagliatelle with their tasty ragout. In our cooking-class a real “azdora”, the traditional landlady of the past will teach you how to prepare these products, which after having mixed with your hands you will taste in the tavern, cooked by us, to fully experience the experience of dishes prepared according to the customs of Romagna.

Choose our Hospitality

Exclusivity, luxury and tradition make these unique places the ideal location for your special stay. Discover the historical villas, the rooms and the suites of Borgo Condé Wine-Resort, in Emilia Romagna.

Savor the Taste

Borgo Condé Wine-Resort invites you to enjoy a culinary experience that enhances the “Km. Good”, characterized by the passion for quality, sustainability and freshness of the excellences of the most genuine Romagna.

A stay of Discoveries and Relaxation

Waking up and chasing the hares or running into the family of roe deer that live on the estate is just the first step on a journey that follows the path of dreams and suggestions<. We are in a world made of vines, olive trees, oaks, mulberries, figs, cypresses and blackberry brambles, which invite you to slow down, to the quiet, to the surprise of the juicy taste of the fruits, harvested to preserve their flavor even when you return home. We are in the right space to rediscover simplicity and to keep company with something that is inside us or with someone important to shake hands to live together the experiences we suggest and from which the Journey really begins.