Cellar and Restaurants

“One does not live on bread alone, it is true; you also need the accompaniment”
Pellegrino Artusi

For the Condello family, everything stems from the passion for the land and the magic of the vineyards, in an area that has 700 years of viticulture history. A tradition that is defended through good and organic agriculture that respects biodiversity by enhancing the craftsmanship of those who work with the heart, the results of which are in the appreciation of Condé Wines, distributed all over the world.

To magnify the combinations we have looked around us for those producers who, in a time when everything goes fast, have the tenacity to follow the times of nature in which instead of the clock we still look at the calendar.

From these choices arise the various gastronomic proposals of our restaurants, to offer everyone their own personal way of enjoying our beautiful region: Romagna.


Our Cellar

The Borgo Condé Wine-Resort cellar is the union between steel technology and wood tradition: here we take care of nature to let it create our excellent wines.


Our Restaurants

The “Il Borgo DiVino” restaurant, the Bistrot, the Osteria delle Vigne are the places where our Chefs tell the story of Romagna between tradition and innovation.


The Cellar

The Borgo Condé Wine Resort cellar is the union between steel technology and wood tradition: here we take care of nature to make it create our excellent wines. Everything that happens in the cellar has the purpose of enhancing and preserving the work previously done in the vineyard, as well as the products of our land. It is possible to participate in guided tours organized by us with the possibility of tasting our Condé wines.

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“Il Borgo DiVino” Restaurant

Open all the year it is right in the heart of the Resort in the Main Borgo, it overlooks a swimming pool where in summer you can dine outdoors under the moonlight. Here the Chef reworks traditional recipes and follows new tasting paths.

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Chi beve solo acqua ha un segreto da nascondere.
(Charles Baudelaire)


The Borgo Bistro

Open from 10,00 to 23,00, it is a place to be inspired. Starting from the cappuccino in the morning with homemade cakes, going on with the afternoon tea, up to the aperitif and after-dinner drinks, it is the ideal place to relax and meet friends in a welcoming and suggestive atmosphere. At lunchtime and dinner it also offers a small menu of dishes for a light lunch or an informal dinner.

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Osteria delle Vigne

It is located in the “Cittadella del Vino”, 800 meters from the Main Borgo, it is open during summertime and you can taste the most traditional recipes in an environment surrounded by nature.

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Choose our Hospitality

Exclusivity, luxury and tradition make these unique places the ideal location for your special stay. Discover the historical villas, the rooms and the suites of Borgo Condé Wine-Resort, in Emilia Romagna.

A stay of Discoveries and Relaxation

Waking up and chasing the hares or running into the family of roe deer that live on the estate is just the first step on a journey that follows the path of dreams and suggestions<. We are in a world made of vines, olive trees, oaks, mulberries, figs, cypresses and blackberry brambles, which invite you to slow down, to the quiet, to the surprise of the juicy taste of the fruits, harvested to preserve their flavor even when you return home. We are in the right space to rediscover simplicity and to keep company with something that is inside us or with someone important to shake hands to live together the experiences we suggest and from which the Journey really begins.

We make your Events Specials

Choose to organize your special events in the unique atmosphere of Borgo Condé Wine Resort between nature, tradition and exclusivity. The fascinating locations and a dedicated staff will help to create a special event totally focused on your needs.

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